About me

NoiHere I am, Francesco Buquicchio (the ugly one in the middle, in case you’re still wondering).

I was born in Taranto some 30 years ago (well, slightly more than 30), and lived there until I was 18, attending the Scuola Media Dante Alighieri and the Liceo Scientifico Ferraris (not the morphed creature that is now called Liceo Quinto Ennio Ferraris, but the original Ferraris…). I then spent four years of pain and fun in Milan, as a student at Università Bocconi, where I graduated in 1995 with a thesis on technological innovation. After my military service as a second-lieutenant back in Taranto, I spent a few years at McKinsey, again in Milan, before flying to Palo Alto. There, I earned my MBA degree at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and probably spent the best two years of my life. Until 2001, when I came back to Italy, in Rome. After a bit more of McKinsey, I joined Albacom (now BT Italia), where I still earn my living.

Today I live in Rome, happily married to Barbara (who is from Taranto as well: mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi) and with a little daughter, Chiara.

When young(er), I enjoy(ed) playing tennis (unsuccessfully trying to emulate my hero Mats Wilander) and football. Now my passion is beach tennis, which is less competitive and a bit less tiring, as well. Of course I’m a sort of a geek, too, as I have often been found playing around with PC’s since the old Commodore 64 days. My personal website went live in 1997, although webarchive.org has only a poorly cached 2000 version of it. That was pretty much the time when I co-founded luciobattisti.net, the first website devoted to Lucio Battisti, my favorite artist.

To celebrate my first 10 years online, I decided to give myself a blog and tutto è dimostrabile (soprattutto il contrario) was born. A collection of thoughts that would hopefully be of some interest for a few readers out there. Or — more likely — a personal repository of random reflections. It will be mostly in English — even when topics are undoubtedly domestic — so that I can keep up with the internet official tongue. At the expense of losing a few Italian readers, maybe. However, you might find in this post some of the main reasons why I blog.

You may want to give a look at my LinkedIn profile, download my Resume, or read some of my Press Clippings.

In case you’d like to email me: francesco.buquicchio AT gmail.com



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